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Monday, 1 October 2007

Memories .....

Just up the coast from where I live, there used to be a fantastic outdoor swimming pool/paddling pool/boating pool complex. The pool was tidal - filling from sea - and always freezing cold. We didn't have a car when I was small, so we very seldom managed to get there, but when we did, it was fabulous. It closed a long, long time ago, but you can still get into the complex to look around. Tim and I went there on Sunday - the first time I have been back since I was 11 years old! It still looks as I remember it, except that it is very run-down and the water in the pools is very dirty, not having been filtered for years and years. It's still a great place to visit though.

As usual, remember to click on each pic to get a bigger version!

This arch is just outside the complex.

This shot shows the various areas within the complex. Because of foreshortening, the true size of it all cannot be appreciated. Suffice to say, it's rather large! lol The area where the cliff is reflected, was the boating pool and the area of water beyond that, was the actual swimming pool and it's huge!

Tim, with the old Art Deco-style building that used to house the shop, restaurant/cafe and toilets. So sad to see it in the almost derelict state it is now.

I saw this flower (Sea Thrift) and wanted to take a pic. As I focused, I noticed a (rather horrific-looking) fly on it ..........

Monday, 24 September 2007

Flora and fauna!

You might think this is a shot of a rockery ..... but it isn't. It's actually a variety of teeny tiny mosses, growing on my driveway. I love them!

I noticed a spider's web in the wing mirror of my SIL's old car a couple of days ago, with this poor beastie stuck to it. The second beastie is actually a reflection of the first. I went out about 5 mins later and it had managed to escape, thank goodness!

Friday, 14 September 2007

White Rose

Tim bought me a gorgeous bouquet a few days ago, just because! This is one of the flowers - a beautiful white rose.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Tim, Kilts and Doms

This is my first try at using the B&W setting on the camera. Taken at Tiger Hill Restaurant in Fraserburgh, down by the beach. That's Tim slap bang in the middle!

Last Saturday afternoon, I took the camera with me to town and as luck would have it, a wedding was about to take place in the oldest church there. Taken from quite a distance away, here are some of the lovely kilted men! :)

Finally for today, a couple of dominoes that I altered a few months ago. They're sitting on top of my printer. I've stuck a magnetic strip down the back of each so they can be used as fridge magnets.

Monday, 10 September 2007

Merry (again) and Guacamole Salsa

Here's Merry once again. She is so sweet that I can't resist her! lol For this one, I just set the camera to auto, held it just above the ground and clicked the shutter, in the hope I'd get a good 'un. It worked too! :)

Tim made a delicious meal for us last night. Grilled chicken breasts with guacamole salsa. Oooooh, that salsa was the most wonderful thing I have tasted for a long, long time. Yummmy! Here's a pic of the ingredients before they were smooshed in the food processor.

Just click on the pics if you want a closer look!

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Our beach

This is the beach that I spent almost every day of my childhood on. I still love to walk along the two miles of soft, golden sand. I just wish the water temperature was a bit higher!


This is a deer skull that Tim found on one of his geological travels over on the West Coast of Scotland. It still has its antlers too. It has lived in our garden ever since.

I haven't managed to get the shot I wanted to with this one. I wanted to get really sharp focus on the nose, with the rest out of focus, so that it really 'popped' out. I'm not giving up though - I shall try another day! I've converted this one to B&W.

Merry and a Monkey Puzzle!

This is my youngest cat, Merry. She's around 18 months old and is still flighty and ALWAYS alert to strange sounds etc. Hence the reason why I found it nigh on impossible to get a really sharp image of her! I had fun trying though!

The tip of one branch of a monkey puzzle tree I received as a gift from Jodie a couple of years ago. No retouching, no cropping - just resized for the web.

Title pic

You may have noticed the shot at the top of the page. I took it this afternoon in my garden. It's some sort of fungus or it could be a lichen, growing on a dead tree. Those are the true colours. Isn't nature wonderful? The only thing I did to this shot was crop it, then add the text.

A new blog

I have decided to have a blog solely for the pics I take with my new baby - a Canon EOS 400D. I won't be blogging per se in this one and I won't be using it for HSMS shots either.

I just feel sometimes that I would like to put more pics on my blog, but I don't want to clutter it up, hence this new one!

So ......... welcome to it! :)